Adjustable bed


Enjoy luxurious nights in the latest models of our adjustable beds.


An adjustable bed is easy to use. Just press a button of your remote control to adjust the bed to the desired position. Reading a book or watching TV is more comfortable when the head of the bed can be raised up. Maximise the relaxing effect of your bed with silently vibrating massage.


With our adjustable bed you, will significantly enhance your sleeping environment and make the most of your sleeping time


The one or two layered spring suspension/s of our individually customised mattress is/are designed and manufactured according to the unique demands of your body. The hardness of the bed is adjustable with the flexible slat base.


Feedback shows; by adjusting the bed, many have felt relief from symptoms like:

  • Snoring
  • Heartburn, a burning pain in chest
  • Stuffy or running nose, flu and influenza
  • Sleep apnoea, pauses in breathing while sleeping,   gasping for air
  • Headaches, enhanced blood circulation in neck
  • Weak blood circulation, cold or sore legs


Additionally, the optional massage and vibrate function helps:

  • Aching legs and muscles
  • Relieve muscle aches caused by overstress
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • To lower the risk of obesity and diabetes II; mechanical signals suppress the production of dangerous fats in the liver like triglycerides and free fatty acids.


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